Haitian Perle Coffee Project

August 1, 2012 | 0 comments

haitianperlebannerWe’re back! The Haiti team brought something with them – Haitian Perle is now being served at the coffee bar and sold at the t-shirt table on Sundays. Help for Haiti continues, every dollar makes a difference, join us!

As early as 1789, the French colony of Haiti began producing coffee. The French recognized Haitian coffee as of one of the world's finest and as demand drew on the international market at one point Haiti produced 60% of the world's coffee. Once revered as the "Pearl of the Antilles" (Caribbean), Haiti's tradition as a producer of fine coffee has been reborn with the introduction of Haitian Perle to the market.

The Haitian Perle Coffee Project, a ministry outreach of Vision d'Antioche (VA), has a two-fold purpose.  VA, a Haitian missionary organization working with evangelical Haitian churches, prepares and sends out Haitian missionaries and provides scholarships for Haitian students. A growing number of coffee farmers are participating, providing for their families while achieving economic self-sufficiency and creating jobs.

VA currently has one Haitian family serving in Senegal, Africa. God has blessed their ministry abundantly, and the Senegalese leadership said, "You sent us the best -- you sent us pearls."

By buying and drinking Haitian Perle, you can support VA's efforts to send out another missionary family, support students, and encourage Haitian families.

Haitian Perle--Coffee with a purpose. You sip...we send!

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