CC Kids Weekly Lesson Plans

Here you'll find links to the Teacher and Storyteller lesson plans for the current semester:

TruBlessings: 2/3 year-olds
October 15th-TB-Teacher
October 22nd-TB-Teacher
October 29th-TB-Teacher
November 5th-TB-Teacher
 TruWonder: 4's/Kinder/1st 
 October 15th-TW-Teacher & Storyteller
October 22nd-TW-Teacher & Storyteller
October 29th-TW-Teacher & Storyteller
November 5th-TW-Teacher & Storyteller
   TruStory: 2nd-5th grades
  October 15th-TS-Teacher & Storyteller
 October 22nd-TS-Teacher & Storyteller
 October 29th-TS-Teacher & Storyteller
 November 5th-TS-Teacher & Storyteller

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