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Coronavirus Update - 3/24/20


As events and data have progressed since our initial communication on March 12, we have decided to CANCEL all services and meetings of Centennial Church until further notice (including Kidz World Preschool, Men’s & Ladies Bible studies, Worship Workshop, and Multiply). We will continue to assess and evaluate things on a week-by-week basis, for now.  We will keep you updated via email, our Facebook page, and in-app notifications.

Though we will not gather together this Sunday, join us live on FB Sunday morning at 10:30 so we can worship and pray together, and stay connected with each other.  We will also be providing a recorded video of music, prayer, and a message so that you can be guided in worship this weekend, individually or together as a family. 

I want to encourage all of us to keep up with one another and pray for one another through this season. Email your bible study group. Text one another and check-in. Use social media in a redemptive way. Also, be present for your neighbors. Look for ways to serve and bring Hope. And enjoy a game, good book or movie with your family! 

Let me conclude by sharing some great words from Pastor Greg Gilbert of Louisville, KY to his congregation: 

“Christians should never be motivated by fear, not when we serve the Sovereign Lord of the Universe. But there’s a crucial difference between fear and prudence, and in this case love for our neighbors compels us to join our nation’s extraordinary efforts to minimize contact between people in order to slow the spread of this virus and “flatten the curve” of the pandemic. We are not cancelling our services because we ourselves, as Christians, are afraid to get sick or even afraid to die. God forbid! “To live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Rather, we are cancelling because we believe it is imperative for us to be a part of our society’s response to this virus that, at best, will be serious for the most vulnerable, and, at worst, could put even more people at risk by creating a severe and sudden spike in demand on our health care system. So don’t be afraid or fearful, brothers and sisters. Read God’s Word, remember God’s promises, help those who are needy, and trust in God. He is sovereign over all, and he loves you dearly. 

Brothers and sisters, thank you for your help and understanding in these matters. These are not easy decisions, but we think they are the best way for us to love our neighbor in a critical time… The fact is, this fallen world has always been a dangerous place. We as Christians know this, we have always known this, the Bible teaches us to expect this, and there is a wonderful fear-smashing confidence in knowing that our God is sovereign over it all. So let’s live our lives, let’s be wise and careful, and at the same time, let’s rest in the hands of our sovereign Lord, who is working all things together for the good of those who love him.”


See you soon, I pray!



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