Membership in a local church is probably not something that most people think much about. We understand that many of our friends and neighbors today have been “burned” by church experiences. Too often Jesus’ Body falls way short of the grace-truth dynamic that Jesus himself so perfectly modeled (John 1:14). As saved sinners, we, the Centennial Church family, also regularly fall short, though we long to be the church that Jesus prayed for – sanctified by truth (John 17:17), unified as one (John 17:11) and known by our love (John 17:26).

In spite of our human tendencies toward pride, judgmentalism, and isolation, God has formed the church for imperfect people to minister to and reach imperfect people.

The only requirements for membership with Centennial Church are admission of imperfection (our sin) and acknowledgement of Jesus (the Savior). No perfect people allowed!

However, though God calls us to Himself “just as we are” by His grace He does not leave us just as we are. The community, discipleship, accountability, and mission of the church are the God-ordained means that He uses to grow us as His followers, ministers and missionaries. Thus, as believers in Jesus and followers of Him, we need (and should affiliate locally with) His Body and Bride.

Therefore, it is our belief that commitment to a local church is both a means and a measure of spiritual growth, so we encourage our regular attenders to get “plugged in” through our membership orientation class.

Starting Point

Starting Point is our membership orientation class. It is offered periodically throughout the year. In this class, we’ll look at what it means to be a follower of Jesus and basic tools for transformation. You’ll be able to ask questions about our core beliefs, values, and structure, as well as discover your F.I.T (fruits, interests, and temperament) and how those gifts can be used to serve Christ. Check out Starting Point here!


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