"How can I help CC?"

We're glad you asked!

Below are some specific needs that we currently have, along with a contact person who can respond to your questions and get you connected! (Obviously, we always have ongoing needs for teachers in our kids' classes, etc. The following are immediate and maybe slightly "outside the box"!)

Check here regularly for updates and new needs! 

  1. Foldable tables to be organized. Someone to go through all of our foldable tables in the storage closet and pull any broken ones. Posted: June 4th.
  2. KidsMin Puppet wall TLC needed. Our puppet wall needs someone handy that can help with a solution to secure the puppet rack and prevent the holders from rotating downward. Posted: June 4th.
  3. Volleyball court TLC needed. We are needing some volunteers to come and give our volleyball court some TLC. Posted: June 4th.
  4. Chair straightening. Arrive early on Sundays and make sure our sanctuary chairs are orderly and neatly aligned! This relieves our pastors of this job so they can focus elsewhere! Posted: May 18, 2017.
  5. Trash clean-up. A lot of trash comes along our property from the adjacent 7-11 and neighborhoods. Drop by and pick up trash around our 12 acres. Posted: May 18, 2017.
  6. Landscaping. Give attention to water our plants and flowerbeds and do basic planting and replanting. Posted: May 18, 2017.
  7. Office help. Be available during our weekly staff meetings (Wednesday mornings) to answer the door, receive packages, and take messages while the staff have their meetings. Posted: May 18, 2017.


Questions concerning a particular need? Click on the link associated with the NEED to be connected with a contact person who can respond to your questions and get you started helping!

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