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A call to return to the Lord, and glimpses of future hope.

"prophet + gospel" focuses on the centrality of the cross, from the covenant-making, covenant-keeping God through the shown works of "minor" prophets. The minor prophets are beautifully diverse in speaking of our problem of sin, our judgement before God, our need for redemption, restoration, and justification.

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January Sermon Series (Sundays @ 10:30am)

MalachiJanuary 6: Malachi

What does it mean for God’s presence to not dwell in His Temple? This is the major reality for the Israelites of Malachi’s day. A century removed from exile, God’s people had returned to Jerusalem and begun to rebuild their city, prioritizing the completion of the Temple. But the completion of the Temple, the return to Jerusalem, the removal of idols from places of worship did not bring back God’s presence. How could this be so? It would be hundreds of years before God’s presence returned to Jerusalem, but this time it would not be in a building but in the person of Jesus Christ. It will be in Jesus that God’s holy presence will dwell, in Jesus where the most important and satisfying sacrifice will be made, and in Jesus where his people will truly come to be in the presence of God.


MicahJanuary 13 & 20: Micah






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