Starting Point

Our mission is centering lives on Jesus Christ. 

Since the local church is a key pathway in equipping and encouraging our lives to be centered on Jesus, we encourage our regular attenders to get “plugged in” and join the CC family!

Starting Point is our membership orientation class. Your attendance does not obligate you to join CC, nor does it guarantee it! But throughout the class, we’ll look at what it means to be a follower of Jesus and basic tools for transformation. You’ll be able to ask questions about our core beliefs, values, and structure, as well as discover your F.I.T (fruits, interests, and temperament) and how those gifts can be used to serve Christ. 

The membership process: an overview

  1. Attend the Starting Point class.
  2. Complete the reading and assigments.
  3. Write your 1-page testimony and send it to Jodi Bartek. Let us know if you need help!
  4. After the class, we will let you know the proposed date of our next "commissioning" - a brief prayer and introduction of new members during one of our Sunday services. All homework and interviews need to be completed prior to that date.
  5. After the completion of Starting Point, we give you time to pray and process and then we will follow up with you and inquire about your desire to move forward with membership. If you either 1) desire membership, or 2) still have questions, we will schedule a time for you to meet with two of our elders and/or pastors (usually before or after church on a Sunday).
  6. After your meeting with the elders, we then invite you to join the "commissioning" of covenant members on the selected Sunday! 

Any questions? Contact Jodi Bartek.

Here are some helpful links to your homework & the curriculum booklet in case you misplace it. Please also look over the Membership Covenant.


In addition to the homework links, please watch the following videos:

The Gospel in 3-2-1


"What is a missional church?" (This video truly illustrates our desire as a church: that every member is a minister & missionary!)

me Church:where it's all about you (satire) 


"Church Hunters" - Episode 1 (more church satire!)

Questions on homework? Contact Jodi Bartek

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