Our Values


We never outgrow the Good News. We are a people founded, formed, and fueled by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We treasure God’s Word. It is our anchor, our authority, our light and our hope.


We are radically relational. We turn off our screens and slow down our schedules, creating space for true face time and community.


Every believer is a minister and a missionary. In a culture of accumulation, we give ourselves in sacrificial service to the church, our neighbors and the nations.


We don’t pretend, hide, or mimic. Because of God’s grace we are free to be ourselves.


Our God is amazingly creative - continually creating new out of old, beauty out of brokenness, and joy out of pain. As His image-bearers, we seek to reflect His creativity in everything we do.


Different is good. We long to be a family of many ages, ethnicities, gifts and life experiences.


We avoid unbiblical extremes. We strive for Christ-like symmetry and unity between grace and truth, love and purity, theology and practice.

Join us Sunday at

9:00am & 11:00am


5000 Academy Drive Frisco, TX 75034